Nearby places

Almond trail to the lookout tower

3 km from the guesthouse 

The almond orchard is one of a kind in the Czech Republic. At the time of the peak expansion of this orchard, about 50,000 almonds grew here. Nothing like did exist throughout Central Europe.

The tower stands on the edge of the almond orchard on Hustopečský starý vrch at an altitude of about 300 meters. It is 17.4 m high and the viewing platform is located at a height of 12.6 meters.

Lookout tower Kraví hora

11 km from the guesthouse 

In the middle of vineyards, on the hill Kraví hora, there stands a wooden lookout tower. A total of 65 wooden stairs lead to the observation deck of this four-storey observation tower, located 12 meters above the ground.

Unusual views of the Nové Mlýny Reservoirs, the Pavlov Hills, the slightly undulating ridges of the Kyjovská pahorkatina, the surrounding wine route and the flats of the Dolnomoravský

Úval open up from the roofed gallery of Kraví hora

Lookout tower Slunečná

12 km from the guesthouse 

Slunečná is a lookout tower, located on a hill and in a tourist area 225 meters above sea level near the South Moravian village of Velké Pavlovice in the wine route Nadzahrady on the cycling trail Blue Mountains.

Thanks to the deflexion of the lookout to the side, you can orient yourself easily. The platform is ejected towards Velké Pavlovice - if you therefore have Pavlovice on your left hand side, they are to the west. On your right hand you have the east, your face to the north, behind your back you have the south.

Lookout tower Nedánov

13 km from the guesthouse 

The idea of ​​building a lookout tower at this place had already occured to enthusiasts at Svazarm in the last century.

However, it was not until 2006 until the cornerstone was planted and in 2009 the tower was built on the top of Nedánov, which is located at an altitude of 368 m.

Lookout tower Maják

14,5 km from the guesthouse 

The common lookout tower of the villages Přítluky, Zaječí and Rakvice was built in spring of 2012 at Přítlucká hora in the district of Břeclav.

These villages have planned the project since 2007. In autumn 2010, they modified the access path to the top, while their representatives tested the view from the future tower from the crane.

Mikulov castle

23 km from the guesthouse 

Mikulov castle is a baroque castle, located near the center of Mikulov in the district of Břeclav. It stands on a rocky hill called Zámecký vrch and it is one of the dominating factors of the town.

Lednice castle

27 km from the guesthouse 

Lednice castle is located in Lednice on the right bank of the Dyje River, approximately 12 km east from Mikulov, in the South Moravian Region. The castle with a large garden is one of the most beautiful complexes in the Czech Republic.

The castle is surrounded by a large castle park, built at the beginning of the 19th century, covering an area of ​​283 square kilometers. There are more than 300 rare trees in the park.

John's Castle

28 km from the guesthouse 

John's Castle was built as a ruin and it is part of the Lednice-Valtice area. It covers an area of ​​2,200 hectares. In December of 1996, the location was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The building was built near the preserve, on a place wrapped from three sides by the river Dyje. It was used as a hunting mansion - a place where the gentry gathered before the hunt. The object was used as a dwelling for the princely gamekeeper.

Valtice Castle

29 km from the guesthouse 

The building with a rich history can be found in the small town of Valtice on the main road connecting Břeclav with Mikulov.

The castle is embedded in the beautiful surroundings of the castle garden and the castle wine cellar is located in close proximity near the castle. In the area of the castle is the National Wine Center and the Wine Salon of Czech Republic. Part of the castle is a baroque chapel with an unique pipe organ sound.

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